Tibriwal group, which besides manufacturing of Textiles, Vinyl films, Laminations and Coated Fabrics has diversified interest in the fields of Printing Inks, Chemicals, Adhesives etc.

We operates on the concept of centralized manufacturing and backward integration wherever possible in the plant. This ensures maintenance of high standard of quality and productivity, which leads to economies of scale & lower costs, to pass on all these benefits to its customers.

The Group places high stress on in-house R & D and strong emphasis on quality and customer service with marketing and technical service across the country. The Dynamic and experienced people are led by innovative management, which fosters a healthy working atmosphere.

Sujas Leathercloth Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. Is the Flagship Company of the Tibriwals began production of Flaxo & Gravure Inks in 1990 for their in-house use for printing vinyl surfaces as no other Inks were giving the right results for U.V resistance and right color depth without disturbing the market viability. Today we offer entire range of Printing Inks, viz. offset publication Inks, (Cold set & Heat set) U.V Varnishes, Silk Screen Inks etc.